Tuesday, November 15, 2011

V Trooper, a novella by Thomas Rowe Drinkard, now on Amazon!

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Is Wil Boyd the ultimate weapon in the war on terror?

When a former Special Ops officer, Vic Russell, is told that the calm, unassuming Boyd is a vampire, he’s skeptical, but sees in the young sergeant a possibility of striking at the heart of the Taliban in a way they’d never expect.  The vampire can strike terror in the hearts of terrorists. He will become the V Trooper.

Boyd’s first assignment is extremely successful and sets in play a series of events that will challenge his superhuman abilities.  If he is successful, many lives, civilian and military, will be saved. Failure will change the course of all wars in the Middle East and beyond.
            To the rest of the world, Boyd is undertaking what most would consider a suicide mission. They have no conception of his remarkable abilities, but only Wil knows a source of help only he can call on.

            Boyd has the full might of America behind him, but time is short and the consequences of his actions could be cataclysmic.

Come with Wil Boyd, Vic Russell and Bobby Flynn.  Feel the adrenaline rush of battle when a vampire takes arms against terrorists in the novella, V Trooper.