Sunday, February 26, 2012

Books in the Works, or How Not to Ignore a Zombie Muse

Are other writers afflicted with the multiple-book-writing fetish?

The longer I write, the more I think I truly have multiple personalities, and my singleton's mask is simply a front. I mean, I have four books I'm currently working on in varying stages of completion, and I love them all. I haven't stopped working on any of them; however, it depends on my mood as to which I work on at any given time. They're all different genres, which makes it even more weird.

I tried corralling my muse. I gave it Strict Instructions to behave. Alas, it was an exercise in futility, as yet another idea formed, infecting my current words while my Zombie Muse ate away at my current WIP brain.

I give up. I think I'll just go with it. If I end up with four books completed at the same time, that will be okay, right? Right? What about five? Will y'all read 'em all?

Because I just had an idea for another great story...